About Embers

Welcome to Embers Academy; home of the ‘Sparks’.

Embers is a private, independent elementary school serving grades PK3 through 5th. Embers offers a program of foundational academics and early character formation.

At Embers, our mission is to partner with you to raise your child to be a competent and responsible young person who lives by Christian principles.

Your child will experience a bright and cheerful educational atmosphere at Embers. Class size is small to insure that your child receives personal attention. The faculty and staff, motivated by the passion they have for the school’s mission, imbue the school days with a positive spirit of optimism and joy, essential components of a happy childhood.

We guard your child’s innocence, being very careful in our selection of content that is taught. The text books, novels, and occasional films all feature the type of role models, tones of voice and wholesome behavior that you would want to see in your child. We defer to you, the parents, to be the ones to first answer your child’s big questions. Embers is a safe and nurturing place in which to learn and grow.

The foundational academic skills that your child will acquire at Embers will be the basis of future academic success. The reading, writing and math programs are effective and time-tested. Embers enjoys consistent high scores in annual standardized testing.

The Catholic faith is shared by the witness of the teachers and staff, as well as taught by the use of a premier catechetical program. This faith formation fosters the growth of your child’s natural piety.

Knowing that the elementary years is the time when your child is most receptive to acquiring good habits and modeling good behavior, Embers implements a rich virtues program. This proven approach captures the imagination and provides many good role models to imitate on the road to becoming a competent, responsible, and faith-filled adult. Our great teachers use every opportunity to weave virtue into the school day. Home to school communication unites you with Embers in this key aspect of your child’s character development.

Embers parents share a common vision of who they would like their child to be as a young adult and beyond. These self-sacrificing parents come to Embers from Chicago and 23 northern, western, and northwestern suburbs like Park Ridge, Mt. Prospect, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Roselle, and Mundelein, to name a few. In our student population, you will find a healthy racial and socio-economic mix. You will feel very supported in your parenting by both the school and your new friends at Embers.

I invite you to explore the unique educational experience that is Embers through our website, and then, to come for a school visit. Embers is fun and it’s a place where it is easy to make friends. The ‘Sparks’ are looking forward to welcoming you and your family.


Lisa Hanretty
Head of School