Embers Academy is governed by an independent, self-perpetuating Board of Trustees. As the title implies, the Board holds in trust the future of the school. The Board determines the school philosophy and mission; sets broad policies; is responsible for the fiduciary well-being of the school and its long-term health; and hires the Head of School. The Board is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the school. The current Board President is Mr. Thomas E. Carter.

The Head of School executes and administers Board-approved school policies; solicits funds for the school in conjunction with the Board; oversees the school’s finances; directs the school’s external operations, such as marketing and admissions; is responsible for all school personnel and all academic and extracurricular programs; is the final authority in all matters of discipline; and assesses the effectiveness of the operations and programs of the school. Mrs. Lisa Hanretty is the Head of School. Assistant Head of School, Mrs. Therese Thursby, is responsible for day-to-day school operations. 

Embers’ Faculty teach, coach, counsel, supervise, and care about the students; work in partnership with parents; advocate and promote the school; work collegially with the Head of School, Assistant Head of School, and fellow teachers; and seek continuous growth,  both professionally and spiritually.