Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement 

Embers Academy is a private, independent school, rooted in the Catholic faith, serving grades pre-kindergarten through fifth. Embers is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and character formation and works in partnership with parents, who are the primary educators of their children.  Embers sees each student as a child of God and a gift from God and helps them to acquire knowledge, develop skills, and practice moral behavior.

Statement of Educational Philosophy

  • Embers Academy regards parents as the primary educators of their children. We welcome the privilege to assist parents in the task of raising children to become competent, responsible individuals who live by Christian principles
  • Embers nurtures the total formation of each child. To this end, Embers focuses on exemplary academics and the development of the child’s character.
  • An integral part of our formation is spiritual in nature. At Embers, children grow in the confidence that they are children of God, and come to appreciate themselves and others as gifts from God.
  • Faith permeates both the school’s academic and character education programs. As an academic subject, Religion is taught in faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. As character education, religious formation and a focus on virtues embolden students to practice moral behavior.
  • Inspired by the spirit of Vatican II, Embers emphasizes that lay persons are called to holiness through the fulfillment of their ordinary work while remaining immersed in the world. This goal of sanctity ideally imprints words, actions, and deeds and extends into interactions with students, teachers, and parents alike.
  • Embers Academy is convinced of the truth and merit of its mission and its educational philosophy, accepting both as a guide for current efforts and inspiration for future work to create a replicable program that can be adopted elsewhere.