Where after Grade 5?

Where do our graduates go after Embers? You will be happy to know that the strong academics and character formation continues at two college prep schools located minutes from Embers. They are The Willows Academy for girls and Northridge Prep for boys, both serving grades 6 – 12. Embers is known as “The Nest of Eagles” (The Willows) and “The Cradle of Knights” (Northridge).

Fourth and Fifth Grades at Embers are “Boot Camp for Junior High”.

Given that Embers is a feeder for these two distinguished schools, it maintains a close collaboration with The Willows Academy and Northridge Prep to ensure that your child transitions smoothly into middle school.   While at Embers your child will interact with faculty, coaches, and students from the other two schools. In fifth grade, your child will attend a “group shadow day” at The Willows or at Northridge. It always seems to be one of the highlights of the year!

The Embers curriculum is aligned with the middle school and high school curriculum of the other schools. Embers lays the academic foundation early in your child’s school years.

Your child will graduate Embers :

  • One year ahead in math
  • Having an impressive range of reading skills
  • Confident in his or her writing skills
  • With a strong foundation in the teachings of the Catholic faith and in the virtues
  • With well-honed study skills

Your child will be equipped to face the challenges of middle school, high school, and beyond. Our parents consistently receive complements from the faculty of the other two schools on how well prepared their Embers students are for the rigor of their curricula. Our Sparks rise to the top.