Approach & Philosophy

Elementary school is the time for your child to master the fundamentals of learning. Why? By mastering the building blocks of learning, your child grows to be a competent individual who can be of greater service to others. And being a person for others will help to make his or her life a happy one.

Embers takes the responsibility of academic mastery very seriously while keeping in mind the young age of our students.
Our curriculum delivers a complete foundation in:

  • Reading skills
  • Writing
  • Elementary math
  • Knowledge of the Catholic faith

Added to the core curriculum are science, history, geography, art, music, Spanish, technology, and physical education. Your child’s educational experience is further enhanced by field trips and visiting speakers that extend topics covered in class.

For details on the curriculum of a specific grade, please review the page provided on each year’s academics

Consistent high standardized test scores demonstrate that our curriculum achieves the desired results.

How does learning take place at Embers?

  1. Our faculty, supported by our outstanding learning materials, makes the acquisition of knowledge an engaging, orderly, and sequential process.
  2. The core subjects are presented in the first part of the day when students are most alert.
  3. Our small class size of about 18 students allows teachers to closely monitor your child’s level of proficiency of any given skill.
  4. There is time in the school day devoted to practicing a newly-acquired skill and to refreshing other ones.
  5. High expectations are the norm, buttressed by individual attention and support.
  6. Our best work is what we can offer as our prayer.