Items in bold exceed Kindergarten State Common Core Standards.

Mathematics (K and 1st grade)

All K Common Core State Standards are met and exceeded

  • Possess basic knowledge of calendar
  • Count and write numbers to 130
  • Count by two, fives, tens, and hundreds
  • Distinguish between even and odd numbers
  • Add and subtract two digit numbers
  • Solve simple word problems and write story problems with a given number sentence using 2-digit numbers
  • Identify, count, and write simple dollar amounts
  • Tell time by hour, half hour, and five minute intervals
  • Identify 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • Read and create simple graphs, comparing using proper terms
  • Identify fractions of a shape up to sixths
  • Divide objects by sharing
  • Estimate and measure capacity of containers
  • Measuring lengths using inches and centimeters
  • Identify place value to hundreds


  • Learn basic prayers
  • Experience salvation history through stories and pictures
  • Learn about liturgical seasons
  • Learn how to properly attend/participate at Mass

Character Education

  • Practice the virtues, emphasizing respect, order, and responsibility during daily routines, academics, and peer interaction
  • Experience the beauty of virtues through literature

Language Arts

  • Recognize, match, and print capital and lowercase letters using 3-lined paper
  • Master sounds associated with letters and begin blending phonograms into words
  • Develop vocabulary appropriate for the K level including selected above-K level
  • Develop awareness of book and print
  • Begin to use and become familiar with comprehension strategies:  predicting, drawing main idea, comparing, contrasting, and drawing conclusions
  • Develop reading readiness skills through phonemic awareness using oral language and print
  • Understanding the writing process in full
  • Identify and correctly uses part of speech and punctuation with teacher assistance
  • Participate in group discussions as a speaker/listener
  • Ask and answer questions about a text to confirm understanding


  • Become acquainted with the scientific method
  • Explain how plants and animals grow, change, and interact with each other and with inanimate objects
  • Explain typical weather for each season and use a chart to display daily weather and temperature
  • Describe observable physical properties of objects and how they change
  • Understand relationship between force and motion

History & Geography

  • Discover how our country was founded
  • Become familiar with the fifty states
  • Locate North America, Illinois, Hawaii, Alaska, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains
  • Name the civic holidays
  • Become familiar with life of Native Americans


  • Greetings and socializing
  • Understand and respond to Spanish questions
  • Vowel sounds
  • Pronouns: I, you, he, she
  • Giving and following directions
  • Colors and numbers
  • Intro to writing in Spanish
  • Hispanic holidays
  • Learn key aspects of the culture of Mexico and Central America

Physical Education

  • Develop gross motor skills, flexibility, and fitness
  • Develop good sportsmanship

Choir/Music Appreciation

  • Develop vocal skills and techniques
  • Develop melodic and rhythmic skills
  • Describe music by reading, listening, and demonstrating comprehension of music
  • Perform a repertoire of Judeo-Christian and traditional songs
  • Understand music theory, music symbols and musical instruments

Visual Arts

  • Encourage hand/eye coordination
  • Use of both fine and large motor skills
  • Use of color and line in 2D and 3D work
  • Introduction to works of art of many lands

Field Trips

  • Students have the opportunity to participate in educational opportunities based on seasons of the year