Application Process

Applying to Embers

We are thrilled that you are interested in an Embers education for your child! Our Admissions process consists of several steps, all designed to help ensure that Embers is the best fit for your child’s elementary education.

Step One: Submit an Online Application to Embers

Please click on the link below to access our online application. All applications must be accompanied by a $50 application fee, payable online by checking account withdrawal or credit card payment.


Step Two: Submit School Records Release Form

A completed School Records Release Form must be submitted with your online application. This form allows us to receive records from all schools that your child previously attended. If your child has attended more than one school, a separate form must be completed for each school.

NOTE: These forms must be submitted before the Admissions process can continue.

Step Three: Parent Visit and Student Shadow Day

Schedule a day for your child to visit Embers and attend class with the grade level to which they are applying. This is a great opportunity for your child to socialize with their peers and spend some time in the classroom. Depending on the age of your child, some brief assessments will be administered to determine proper class placement.

Parents will meet with the Head of School while your child is in the classroom.

Step Four: Enrollment

Once the Admissions process is complete, we will notify you of your child’s acceptance status. Upon acceptance, an Enrollment link will be sent to you via email. Enrollment is completed and a $500 deposit is required to secure your child’s spot in the class.