Financial Aid, Tuition and Fees

Financial Aid

  • Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Assistance:  24%
  • Average Grant per Student:  $3,200

Embers Academy is committed to an admissions process that reflects the mission and values of our school.  We welcome new families who share our vision and are seeking our wholesome school environment for their children.  Financial constraints should never prevent a family from providing their children with an Embers education. As such, our need-based financial aid process makes it possible for all qualified students to attend Embers.  Financial aid is intended to supplement a family’s own resources, and recipients range from families whose ability to pay school costs is extremely limited, to families who may need only a minor subsidy to meet our tuition requirements. 

Begin our SmartAid Financial Aid Application Process HERE.

Notes on Financial Aid:

  • Please note that all supporting tax and other documents should be sent to SmartAid directly, not to Embers. Supporting documentation is required and your application will not be considered complete until its submission.
  • Documentation Required: 2019 tax return, including 2019 W-2
  • Documentation Requested, but not Required: 2020 W-2
  • For all returning students, applications for grants, along with supporting documentation, are due by March 19, 2021
  • For returning students, aid decisions, along with admissions decisions, will be communicated jointly on March 31, 2021.
  • For all new students, applications for grants, along with supporting documentation, are due within 10 days of admissions acceptance.

Tuition 2021-22

  • Grades Kindergarten thru 5th:  $8,074
  • PK3 (only) – 2 Half Day:  $2,648 PK3 (only) – 2 Full Day:  $3,681
  • PK3 & PK4 – 3 Half Day:  $3,500 PK3 & PK4 – 3 Full Day:  $5,049
  • PK3 & PK4 – 5 Half Day:  $4,414 Pk3 & PK4 – 5 Full Day:  $6,066 

Tuition covers the major portion of instructional and academic costs. Tuition does not include uniforms or students’ personal school supplies.

Embers Academy uses SmartTuition for tuition management and SmartAid for financial aid assessment. If you have questions about these applications,, please contact Lelia Harig in the Business Office at or (847) 518-1185.

Fees 2021-22

Materials Fee of $250 per student covers consumable items that the school orders for all students. Such items include classroom furnishings; replacement of textbooks and workbooks; technology and its maintenance (computers, ChromeBooks; and classroom projectors) and all supplies and materials that are necessary in our robust learning environment.