Character & Faith

The Catholic faith is the foundation of the Embers character education program. In keeping with the forward movement of the New Evangelization, your child comes to learn that the highest purpose of life is union with God, both here and in eternity. The goal of parents and teachers is to raise every student to be a strong witness of the faith.

How does a “Spark” learn the faith?

1. Experience. By experiencing it being lived in family life and at school

2. Virtue. Embers faculty and staff are the example of virtues to your child with their personal and professional lives.

3. Truth. Daily, your child is presented with the truths of the Catholic faith, communicated by a premier catechetical program. This approach is aimed at satisfying your child intellectual curiosity and answering his or her big questions: Who am I? Who made me? For what purpose? Where am I going?

4. Divine Filiation. Embers is imbued with the spirit of Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Church that seeks to support the laity in their striving for holiness in ordinary life in the middle of the world. In this same spirit, your child is presented with the truth of divine filiation, that he or she is a beloved and cherished child of God. This is a well of optimism.

4. Piety. Students attend an All-School Mass every Wednesday, along with faith practices and traditions that are incorporated into the school days, to resonate with the natural piety that exists in your child’s heart. For example, morning, noon, and end of the day prayers, advent practices, Eucharistic visits on First Fridays, doing the stations of the cross during lent, and May crowning, to name a few.

5. At Embers the faith is “caught” and then taught.