Virtue Book List

Virtue Book List for Supplemental Reading



  • Play With Me, Marie Hall (PK-K-1st)
  • Maude and Sally, Nicki Weiss (PK-K-1st)
  • The Sidewalk Patrol, Larry Dane Brimner (2nd Grade)
  • Join In and Play, Cheri Meiners (2nd Grade)
  • Respect and Take Care of Things, Cheri Meiners (2nd Grade)
  • Sarah’s Sleepover, Bobbie Rodriguez (3rd grade)
  • My Friend Jacob, Lucille Clifton (3rd Grade)
  • 100 Dresses, Eleanor Estes (3rd Grade)
  • The Children’s Treasury of Virtues – The Sermon the the Birds, retold by James Baldwin, edited by William J. Bennett (4th Grade)
  • Oma’s Quilt, Paulette Bourgeois and Stephane Jorisch (4th Grade)
  • The Kitchen Knight, retold by Margaret Hodges (5th Grade)
  • Different Just Like Me, Lori Mitchell (5th Grade)



  • How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?, Jane Yolen and Mark Teague (PK – K – 1stgrade; Virtue: Orderliness)
  • Franklin is Messy, Paulette Bourgeois & Brenda Clark (PK – K – 1st grade; Virtue: Orderliness)
  • Taking Charge,  Sonia Levitin (2nd grade; Virtue: Responsibility)
  • Arthur’s Pet Business, Marc Brown (2nd grade; Virtue: Responsibility)
  • Unsinkable,  Larry Dane Brimner (3rd grade; Virtue: Perseverance)
  • Least of All,  Carol Purdy (3rd grade; Virtue: Perseverance)
  • Time Remote, Carl Sommer (4th grade; Virtue: Industriousness)
  • The Babe and I, David Adler (4th grade; Virtue: Industriousness )
  • A Picture Book of Florence Nightingale, David Adler (5th grade; Virtue: Service)
  • Johnny Appleseed, Margaret Hodges (5th grade; Virtue: Service)



  • Learn the Value of Joy, Elaine P. Goley (PK-K-1st, Joy, Wonder)
  • All the Places to Love, Patricia McLaughlin (PK-K-1st, Joy, Wonder)
  • I’m Thankful Each Day, P.K. Hallinan (PK-K-1st, Joy, Wonder)
  • The Clown of God, Tomie DePaola (2nd Grade, Cheerfulness)
  • What It Means To Be a Good Sport, Nanci Prasad (2nd Grade, Cheerfulness)
  • The Luckiest Kid On the Planet, Lisa Campbell Ernst (3rd Grade, Gratitude)
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker, Paul Galdone (3rd Grade, Gratitude)
  • All for the Best, The Secret to Happiness, Hans Wilhelm (4th Grade, Optimism)
  • The Lady Who Saw the Good Side of Everything, Patricia Decker Tapio (4th Grade, Optimism)
  • A Tree for Peter, Kate Seredy (5th Grade, Hope)
  • Sarah’s Willow, Friedrich Recknagel (5th Grade, Hope)


  • One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims, B.G. Hennesy (PK)
  • Thank You, Dear God, Helen Haidle (PK-K)
  • Thanksgiving with Me, Margaret Willey (PK-2nd grades)
  • An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, Louisa May Alcott (PK – K, 1st, 2nd and 3rdGrades)
  • How Many Days to America: A Thanksgiving Story, Eve Bunting (PK – K, 1st , 2ndand 3rd Grades)
  • Tattered Sails, Verla Kay (K-2nd grades)
  • Fat Chance Thanksgiving, Patricia Lakin (K-2nd grades)
  • A Thanksgiving Turkey, Julian Scheer (K-2nd grades)
  • The Thanksgiving Story, Alice Dalgleish (K-3rd grades)
  • Molly’s Pilgrim, Barbara Cohen (K-4th grades)
  • If You Were at the First Thanksgiving, Anna Kamma (2nd – 5th grades)
  • A Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 1841, Barbara Greenwood (3rd – 5th grades)
  • The Landing of the Pilgrims, James Daugherty (4th-5th grades)
  • William Bradford: Plymouth’s Faithful Pilgrim, Gary D. Schmidt (4th-5th grades)



  • Sir Maggie the Mighty, Michael P. Waite (PK– K-1st Obedience)
  • The Grizzly Sisters, Cathy Bellows (PK-K-1st Obedience)
  • Big Thoughts for Little People, Kenneth N. Taylor (PK-K-1st Obedience)
  • Bright, Shiny Skylar, Valerie Tripp (2nd Controlling Emotions)
  • Dealing with Anger, The Conflict Resolution Library, Marianne Johnston (2ndControlling Emotions)
  • Forgiveness, Lucia Raatma (3rd Forgiveness)
  • Ivy’s Icicle, Gary Bower (3rd Forgiveness)
  • Christmas and the Old House, Mister Tom T. Hall (3rd Forgiveness)
  • Waiting for Noel – An Advent Story, Ann Dixon (4th Patience)
  • Summer Vacation, a Story About Patience, Cindy Leaney (4th Patience)
  • A New Coat for Anna, Harriet Ziefert (4th Patience)
  • A Spoon for Every Bite, Joe Hayes (5th Moderation)
  • Luba and the Wren, Patricia Polacco (5th Moderation)



  • Little Bunny’s Cool Tool Set, Maribeth Boelts (PK-K-1st grade; Virtue: Sharing)
  • Care Bears, The Day Nobody Shared, Nancy Parent (PK-K-1st grade; Virtue: Sharing)
  • Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons, Amy Krouse Rosenthal (2nd grade; Virtue: Cooperation)
  • Stone Soup, Marcia Brown (2nd grade; Virtue: Cooperation)
  • The Rajah’s Rice, adapted by David Barry (3rd grade; Virtue: Fairness)
  • Spotty, Margret Rey (3rd grade; Virtue: Fairness))
  • Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen, DiAnne DiSalva Ryan (4th grade; Virtue: Patience)
  • The Eagle and the Wren, Jane Goodall (4th grade; Virtue: Teamwork)
  • Ghandi, Leonard Everett Fisher (5th grade; Virtue: Justice)
  • Loyola Kids Book of Heroes, Amy Welborn (5th grade; Virtue: Justice)



  • A Flag For All, Larry Dane Brimner (PK– K-1st; Patriotism)
  • America by the Numbers, One Nation, Devin Scillian (PK-K-1st; Patriotism)
  • Saving the Liberty Bell, Marty Rhodes Figley (2nd; Patriotism)
  • Johnny Appleseed, Reeve Lindbergh (2nd; Patriotism)
  • The Biggest (and Best) Flag That Ever Flew, Rebecca C. Jones (3rd; Citizenship)
  • Francis Scott Key and “The Star-Spangled Banner”, Lynea Bowdish (3rd; Citizenship)
  • The Children’s Book of America, William J. Bennett (4th; Patriotism)
  • When Washington Crossed the Delaware, Lynne Cheney (4th; Patriotism)
  • George vs. George, The American Revolution as Seen from Both Sides, Rosalyn Schanzer (5th; Patriotism)
  • Our Country’s Founders, A Book of Advice for Young People, William J. Bennett (5th; Patriotism)



  • Bravery Soup, Maryann Cocca-Leffler (PK– K-1st; Bravery)
  • Brave Irene, William Steig (PK-K-1st; Bravery)
  • Bears on Hemlock Mountain, Alice Dalgliesh (2nd; Daily Courage)
  • JoJo’s Flying Side Kick, Brian Pinkney (2nd; Daily Courage)
  • Hard Times on the Prairie: adapted from the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, illus. by Renee Graef  (3rd; Fortitude)
  • Helen Keller:  Courage in the Dark, Johanna Hurwitz (3rd; Fortitude)
  • Call it Courage, Armstrong Sperry (3rd; Fortitude)
  • Mary Anning and the Sea Dragon, Jeannine Atkins (4th; Intellectual Courage)
  • Follow the Dream, The Story of Christopher Columbus, Peter Sis (4th; Intellectual Courage)
  • Joan of Arc:  the Lilymaid, Joe Hayes (5th; Moral Courage)
  • Passage to Freedom, the Sugihara Story, Ken Mochizuki (5th; Moral Courage)



  • The Water of Life, A Tale from the Brothers Grimm, by Barbara Rogasky
  • The Summer My Father Was Ten, by Pat Brisson and Andrea Shine
  • Value Tales: Value of Truth and Trust: Story of Cochise, by Spencer Johnson and Ann Donegan Johnson
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf, traditional
  • A Day’s Work, by Eve Bunting and Ronald Himler



  • My Most Favorite Thing, Nicola Moon (PK– K-1st; Love of Family)
  • Guess How Much I Love You, Sam McBratney (PK-K-1st; Love of Family)
  • Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, Mem Fox (2nd; Kindness)
  • Rosie and the Poor Rabbit, Maryann MacDonald (2nd; Kindness)
  • Kindness, Diane Muldrow (3rd; Kindness)
  • The Clown of God, Tomie De Paola (3rd; Kindness)
  • My Fun With Learning, Real Life Heroes: Haym Solomon and the Power of Generosity, Raymond V. Hand, Jr. (4th; Generosity)
  • Chicken Soup for Little Souls – The Best Night Out with Dad, Jack Canfield and Mark Hanson (4th; Generosity)
  • Nobiah’s Well, Donna W. Guthrie (5th; Compassion)
  • King Solomon and the Bee, adapted by Dalia Hardof (5th; Compassion)
  • Compassion – The Story of Clara Barton, Deborah Woodworth (5th; Compassion)
  • Small Acts of Kindness, James Vollbracht (All Grades)