Embers Extravaganza

Sunday, FEBRUARY 7, 2021
Allgauer’s Hilton Northbrook

Thank you for helping ‘Spark the future!’

What is the Extravaganza?

Every year, Embers Academy develops the academic fortunes of over 190 students with equal focus on each child’s character formation.  The 2020 – 2021 academic year represents the 25th year of an Embers partnership between administrators, teachers, parents, grandparents, and students; a partnership which has produced hundreds of inspirational children.

This annual event is a treasured Embers tradition and helps us provide a superior educational environment for your children. It attracts hundreds of supporters and much-needed financial contributions from the extended Embers family. This will be the 16th anniversary of this very special affair!

Everyone involved works tirelessly to make the Extravaganza a huge success, including Embers students. The ‘Spark’-lers Theatre Club (3rd-5th grade students) and The Flares Dance Club (K-2nd grade students) perform during the event.

To continue extending this tremendous educational opportunity to as many families as possible, we ask for your prayers, attendance at the Extravaganza, and if possible, sponsorship of the event.


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