Drop-Off Pickup

Please follow the procedures below for a smooth and safe arrival and dismissal each day. Thank you to all of our parents for your support in following these important procedures!
Morning Drop-Off (8:00 – 8:20 am):
  • Please enter from the Greenwood Avenue driveway and follow the designated route, (marked with orange cones).
  • Pull your car forward in front of the West Door/Front Porch.  Mrs. Hanretty or Mrs. Thursby will assist you in bringing your car to the proper position and in helping your children out of the car.
  • You may also park your car and walk your child in to school.  Please park in the spots in front of the West Doors/Front Porch or in the church parking lot.
  • Please do not allow your child to cross the parking lot alone, as there are many cars circulating at that time of the morning.
  • The doors open at 8:00 am, unless your child is attending Before School Care.  Please do not leave your child on the porch unattended before 8:00 am.
  • If you arrive after 8:20 am, please use the North (Visitor) Entrance to bring your child in to school.
Afternoon Pick-Up (3:05 dismissal):
  • Please enter from the Greenwood Avenue driveway and follow the designated route (marked with orange cones).
  • Please stay in your car and wait for an Embers staff member to come around and write down the name(s) of the children who you are picking up.
  • If you have a PK student or you are picking up more than 3 students, please park your car in the spots in front of the West Doors/Front Porch and walk to the porch area.  An Embers staff member will take your name and call your children out for dismissal.
  • Students are called for dismissal in order of vehicle in the line or someone waiting at the porch.
  • IMPORTANT:  Please do not attempt to go around vehicles in the Pick-Up line in order to exit the parking lot!  There are many moving cars and people at this time of day.  We ask for your patience as we work with each family to get their children safely in to their car and on their way as soon as possible. Please feel free to communicate any time concerns that you have with Mrs. Hanretty and Mrs. Thursby and we will help you exit in a safe and efficient way. Thank you for your support on this!
  • Any students left in the classrooms after 3:20 pm are brought to After Care.  Please use the North (Visitor) Entrance to pick up your child after 3:20 pm.
PreSchool Daily Pick-Up at 11:30 am and Other Times:
Please use North (Visitor) Entrance ONLY at the following times:
  • PreSchool Daily Dismissal at 11:30 am (1/2 day students)
  • After School Activity/Club dismissal
  • After Care Pick-Up
  • When dropping off or picking up your child after 8:20 am and before 3:00 pm.