Physical Education

Embers students are given plenty of time for both structured and unstructured physical activity because kinesthetic movement is a critical element to every child’s social, physical, and intellectual development. 

To this end, all K – 5th grade students participate in Physical Education class for 50 minutes each week. 

  • The students work on developing motor skills, fitness, and flexibility.
  • They learn to practice sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership.
  • They do this by playing games, practicing skills, and learning the rules and strategies of the games.

In addition, all K – 5th students have ample opportunities for movement breaks throughout the day:

  • Morning Break: Each class takes a 15-20 minute break mid-morning. Going outside to play is always the preferred option.
  • Recess:  Each class takes a 25-minute recess before lunch. We always play outside if the temperature is above 20 degrees and the ground is not wet from rain.
  • Afternoon Break:  Teachers plan breaks and active learning opportunities as often as possible in the afternoon schedules.