Music & Choir

Embers PK-5th grade students look forward to weekly music classes with Ms. Brochu.  

K-5th grade students learn music theory, music history, age-appropriate sacred and secular songs, and a wide range of rhythm games and musical skills. Embers students learn to appreciate music as a part of their lives while developing the skills that enable them to share musical experiences with each other. Performance opportunities include the Christmas Concert and Graduation.

Students also learn a method of sight-singing using Solfege and the corresponding Curwen hand-signs. Students love gaining a greater appreciation and understanding of the song “Do Re Mi” from the Sound of Music, but more importantly this method helps students with their ear training and singing skills and provides a successful pathway to reading standard music notation. By using their hands to mimic their voices while singing, students better understand the spatial relationship between notes and can later transition the hand signs to note-reading.
In addition to music classes, Ms. Brochu also directs an after-school Mass Choir that provides music for the liturgy during Embers’ Wednesday, all-school Mass. These 3rd-5th grade students lead the congregation in the opening and a closing hymns as well as providing music during communion. The Mass Choir performs at the Christmas concert as well.
Ms. Brochu is also starting a 4th and 5th grade Drama and Leadership Club that will be open to more grade levels in the future. Currently 4th and 5th grade students are helping Ms. Brochu prepare club opportunities for younger students, while also practicing their own drama-related skills. Drama students will help facilitate and participate in a Variety Show in the Spring.